ODP Rehearsal Schedule

Sat. Jan. 5th

10:00am-12:00pm  Adv. ballet class

12:00-2:00pm  Intermediate ballet class

2:15-4:15pm  Kelly's piece

4:30-6:00pm  Fairy Doll full cast run through


Sun. Jan. 6th

11:00am-12:00pm  Russian Princesses

12:00-1:00pm  Non pointe corps

1:00-3:15pm  Kelly's piece

4:00-6:00pm  Ashley's piece


Sat. Jan. 12th

2:15-4:15pm  Kelly’s piece

4:30-6:00pm  Fairy Doll full cast run through


Sun. Jan. 13th

This is full costume run through of the entire show. All parts, jewelry, head pieces required (make up not necessary)

12:00-12:45pm  Warm up class

1:15- 4:00ish  Run entire show in order


Wed. Jan. 16th Tech night

Costumes, no make up or hair, for lighting and spacing purpose We space each dance then immediately run

4:45-5:30pm  Warm up class at Creighton Lied Center

6:00-7:45pm  Fairy Doll

8:00-8:30pm  Kelly’s piece

8:30-8:55pm  The Moving Company

8:55-9:00pm  Trey’s piece (I don’t think he will be there, just run his music)

9:00-9:30pm  Ashley’s piece

This is a rough estimate.  Be prepared.  We could be running ahead of schedule.


Thurs. Jan. 17th

Full Dress, hair, makeup, costumes, jewelry, ect.

We run it as a performance

5:00-5:45pm  Warm up class at Creighton Lied Center

6:30-7:15pm  Fairy Doll

7:15-7:30pm  Intermission

7:30-8:30pm  Second half of show, contemporary


Fri. Jan. 18th and Saturday Jan. 19th

6:00-6:45pm  Warm up class at Creighton Lied Center

7:30pm  Show


Sun. Jan. 20th

12:30-1:15pm Warm up class at Creighton Lied Center

2:00pm  Show