ODP Rehearsal Schedule

Wed. Dec. 27th  6:00-8:00 Ashley’s piece 

Thurs. Dec. 28th  6:00-8:00 Cakewalk, Run Homestead at the end of night


Sat. Jan. 6th  12:45-2:00 Ashley's piece (run by Juliette)

                        2:00-3:00 Homestead and run endmen at end

                        2:00-5:00 Liz’s piece


Sun. Jan. 7th  3:00-5:30 Cakewalk


Sat. Jan. 13th  12:45-2:15 Ashley’s piece (run by Ashley)

                           2:15-4:00 Cakewalk , Run Homestead at end

                           4:00-6:00 Liz's piece


Sun. Jan. 14th  In Studio Dress rehearsal of whole show. No makeup needed.
                           Warm up is 12:00-12:45
                           Start around 1:00

                           1:00-4:00 in order of program, Cakewalk is last.

                           If there’s no problems you can leave at the end of dance with permission from 
Wed. Jan. 17th  Tech night at Creighton Lied Education Center for the Arts
                             Warm up 4:30-5:15

                             Starting at 5:30 with Liz’s in costume Space and run

                             We will continue to space and run contemporary pieces in order.

                             Order of those pieces is not finalized yet.

                             We will finish with Cakewalk and hopefully be done around 9 pm.


Thurs. Jan. 18th  Full dress with makeup!
                               Warm up 4:30-5:15

                               Starting around 6 pm top of show, which is Liz’s piece

                               We will run whole program as if it is a real show.

                               Group picture of Cakewalk at end of night.


Fri. and Sat. Jan. 19th and 20th Arrive at theater by 5:45

                              Warm up 6-6:45

                               7:30 Show time


Sun. Jan. 21st  Arrive by 12:15

                          Warm up 12:30-1:15

                           2:00 Show time