Dress Code


Creative Movement:

   Girls: Class leotard, no skirts, no shoes (bare feet)

   Boys: White T-shirt and black shorts, no shoes (bare feet)

Pre-ballet through Grade 5.5:

   Girls: Class leotard, no skirts, ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (if required)

   Boys: Pre-ballet through Primary - White T-shirt and black shorts, black ballet and tap shoes if required);

            Standard I through Advanced - White T-shirt, black dance tights, black ballet shoes, white socks


   Girls: Black leotard of dancer’s choice, ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes


   Girls: Leotard of choice, ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes

Tap, Jazz/Lyrical, Modern:

   Girls: Leotard with tights, jazz pants or leggings, black jazz or tap shoes

   Boys: T-shirt with shorts or jazz pants, black jazz or tap shoes

Class Leotards


(or purchase online at discountdance.com)

Child sizes $12, Adult sizes $14

The leotard brand is Theatricals Classwear

Class Color Style (Number)

   Creative Mvmt 3&4 Pink Short sleeve (N5502C)

   Pre-Ballet Lavender Tank (TH5512C)

   Pre-Primary & Primary Lt. Blue Tank (TH5512C)

   Standard I & II Mulberry Tank (TH5512C/TH5512) or Pinch front tank (N5501C/N5501)

   Grade 2 Turquoise Pinch front tank (N5501C/N5501) or Camisole (N5500C/N5500)

   Grade 3 Royal Blue Pinch front tank (N5501C/N5501) or Camisole (N5500C/N5500)

   Grade 4 Purple Pinch front tank (N5501C/N5501) or Camisole (N5500C/N5500)

   Grade 5 Teal Pinch front tank (N5501C/N5501) or Camisole (N5500C/N5500)


Classes: All class placements are at the sole discretion of the faculty. Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled or consolidated. Exams, recitals, and other activities may involve additional fees and costs.

Withdrawals: Tuition is refundable only if a student must withdraw for medical reasons (verification from a doctor may be required) or if the family moves out of the area. For other absences, the student may attend a different class as a makeup with teacher approval. Makeup classes must be completed within the current term.

Weather: In case of bad weather, the Academy will close if schools in the OPS district are closed. For Saturday classes, call the Academy to check. Makeup classes will be scheduled for weather cancellations.


Referrals: Receive a $20 credit for recommending the Academy when a new student you’ve referred completes a full term of classes. Make sure your name is included in the “Referred by” box of the new student’s enrollment form.

Multiple classes: Save when you take more classes per week (applies to classes of 1 hour or more only)

2 classes per wk $30 discount

3 classes per wk $45 discount

4 classes per wk $60 discount

5 classes per wk $75 discount

6 classes per wk $90 discount

Families may combine enrollments of immediate family members to maximize the discount.  Submit all registrations together; deduct the discount from any one student’s tuition. Unlimited classes and master classes do not apply toward the discount.


The Academy knows that certain family circumstances require special tuition payment arrangements. Please contact the office at (402) 346-0469 for a confidential discussion about your needs.