COVID-19 Precautions and Policy 

Omaha Academy of Ballet remains committed to creating a safe and healthy dance training environment for our staff, students, and community.

Masks are optional. We will continue to monitor public health requirements, which may require us to adopt another temporary mandatory mask policy in the future.

If your dancer tests positive for COVID-19, please notify us immediately and follow CDC guidance on isolation and quarantine.

The following will remain in effect until further notice:

Class Offerings

    • Class size will be based on the square footage of each studio. We are increasing all class maximums by 2 dancers (Blue = 12; Pink =8/10; Purple = 9; Grey = 12).

Class Expectations

    • All dancers must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to entering the studio. There are hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of each studio.

Social Distancing

    • Class sizes are limited to allow for social distancing during class.
    • Please observe social distancing in all common areas.

Access to/Use of the Building

    • We will utilize upstairs and downstairs entrances to minimize traffic in common spaces.
    • Dancers will have a 5 minute window to arrive and must immediately go to their studio and wait for class to start.
    • Dancers must immediately exit the building after class is over. No congregating or socializing inside the studio/building will be allowed.
    • Caregivers will need to drop off all students. No waiting in the studio will be permitted. Masked caregivers of 3-5 year old dancers may accompany their child inside the studio and help them change for class, but then must wait outside the studio until the class ends. You may wait in our car in our parking lot, utilize our green spaces, or visit one of the many great business, coffee shops, or eateries nearby. Omaha Conservatory of Music’s coffee shop, Accelerando, not only has fantastic refreshments, but a very spacious and beautiful common area.