Développé Capital Campaign - Training Omaha's dancers for 50 more years

dé·vel·op·pé French, from past participle of développer, to develop; see develop. A ballet movement in which one leg is raised to the knee of the supporting leg and fully extended.
The campaign seeks to raise $2.0 million to fund: 

• Building purchase and renovation ($1,500,000)

• Program expansion, community engagement, and scholarship funding ($250,000)

• Ongoing building maintenance ($250,000)


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Since 1962, OAB has built a track record for success by training youth and adults in the art of classical ballet. We seek to create a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue careers in professional ballet or continue as dance majors in college, as well as recreational dancers who seek to learn traditional ballet for self-enrichment and fitness purposes. We also have a tradition of collaboration and partnership with other Omaha arts organizations including the Creighton University Fine and Performing Arts Department, Opera Omaha, Omaha Community Playhouse, Joslyn Art Museum, Jewish Community Center and the Omaha Symphony.

Over the last several years, we began to outgrow the space capacity at our former location at 50th and Dodge Street. Last year we reached maximum capacity for several of our classes before we opened the doors for the first day of classes. We maximized our former studios to beyond capacity and were out of physical space to accommodate our current programs. In order to grow and develop we needed more space.

In September, 2015 a new location was presented to the OAB Board of Directors and after careful consideration the Board unanimously approved a motion to proceed with an offer to purchase a property at 319 North 72nd Street in Omaha, which suits our needs beautifully. The larger space allows for growth of our current programs as well as participation in collaborative programs with our partners at a closer proximity. From our new location we will literally share the same block in midtown Omaha with the Omaha Community Playhouse and the Omaha Conservatory of Music. The thought of having three strong, well-established arts organizations sharing lot lines in one section of Omaha is incredibly exciting!

Thank you for all of your generous donations so far! In September, 2016 we moved to our new building! The dancers and staff are so excited about our new space and what's to come. 

The Développé - OAB Capital Campaign will secure our future for generations to come!

Naming opportunities are available.


We'd like to give special thanks to the following foundations for their incredible support:


The Sherwood Foundation

Holland Foundation

The Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation

The Sunderland Foundation

Union Pacific Foundation